Compounding Services

Many prescribers are migrating toward compounding for good reason. Patients should discuss personalized medicine with their physicians and prescribers to determine if it is a good match for their needs. RX Care Compounding can meet your personal requirements. RX Care Compounding is committed to providing the specific, quality medication in the exact dosages and forms the healthcare provider requests. The prescriber can also consult with our pharmacist to ensure that the patient receives exactly what they need. Communication is essential to solving unique medical issues.

Benefits of Compounding

There are many benefits to using compounded medications. These benefits enable our compounding pharmacists to make medications that are discontinued or hard to find. Some drugs have been discontinued for various reasons. Patients that still need a discontinued drug can consult a compounding pharmacist to re-create it according to a physician’s order.

Allergy-Friendly Medications are Possible

Allergies are quite commonplace issue in commercially-manufactured medications. Sometimes patients are allergic to the fillers used in oral medicines. Other sensitivities may come from:

  • Preservatives
  • Dyes
  • Gluten
  • Lactose or even
  • Sugar
  • Medications Will Be Easier to Use

    Whether the medication has a bad taste, odor, or is simply too difficult to swallow, compounding pharmacists can help make the prescription easier to use. Not only is the dosage precise, its effectiveness is not compromised. Prescriptions can be flavored for oral intake in varied forms such as liquid rather than pills; many can be compounded into topical gels or creams, and the medication is absorbed through the skin.

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    I’ve suffered from chronic knee pain from a sports injury for years, but don’t like taking oral medications that can become habit-forming. My doctor suggested a compounded cream to treat the pain without that threat.”

    Sylvia Watts, Florida